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Huaynapicchu Tickets?

Huaynapicchu Tickets?

Huaynapicchu , ,

The tour starts from the entrance control to the llaqta through circuit No. 3 that leads directly to the entrance control to the Waynapicchu Mountain. The visitor must carry their ticket, identity document and register manually in the registration book both at check-in and check-out.

This alternate route ascends progressively to the top of the mountain (2681 meters above sea level) from where you get an impressive view of the Machupicchu llaqta and the sacred mountains of the surroundings. The travel time of this alternate route is approximately two hours but varies depending on the physical condition of the visitor.

The total residence time for the route of the alternate route and one of the circuits of the Machupicchu llaqta is six hours. Reentry is allowed in order to use the hygienic services that are only outside the monument.

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