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Full Day Tours Cusco

Many people plan a trip to Cusco in Peru just for Machu Picchu, but there is so much to explore here! As well of plenty of things to do in Cusco, there is also a lot to do in the Sacred Valley. While you are in Cusco you could (and should!) take several day trips from Cusco to explore the different towns, landscapes and archaeological sites that surround the city. Some Cusco tours are ideal to help you acclimatize to the altitude in Cusco, whereas other day hikes are best attempted once you have fully acclimatized to the elevation here. I’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best day trips from Cusco Peru so you can plan your trip to the Sacred Valley with ease.
humantay lake

Amazing Full Day Treks

$30 Humantay Lake


Agritourism, Nautical 0 review(s) 1 day
$30 Rainbow Mountain


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